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Yo Bossy Bossy

When Stella gets TV time, she likes there to be few interruptions. So when she saw Jesse peek around the corner at her from the kitchen, she demanded that he go away and “play” without her so that she could veg out in peace with her favorite 2-D characters: Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee, and Plex. When did she become the boss?

This post has nothing to do with an iPad app. It is more of an admission that she hasn’t actually played with the iPad lately…and when she does, she turns on Yo Gabba Gabba through the video app. Hopefully her bossiness and YGG addiction are both just one of many phases.

P.S. This post is for James. A robot is a mechanical friend…made by people to help other peeeeeople!


Stellafied Words

My current list of favorite Stellafied words:

Pan-kay-cake = Pancake
Kai-haf-it = Can I have it?
[you fill in this blank]-corn = Popcorn
Hoed-jue = Hold you (hold me)
Bakies = Blankies
Wy-ka-wy-ka = Yo Gabba Gabba*
Galssecks = Glasses

*She still requests this show exclusively, despite our attempts to watch other ones. During the intro song, she’ll now sing the parts for Foofa and Tutie (aka “she’s pink and happy” and “she likes to have fun”). When the intro song is over, she yells, “WYKAAAAAA!” Every. Single. Time.

On the Road with the iPad 2

We took a trip to San Diego last weekend to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. The iPad 2 was an incredible addition to the family vacation in two ways:

1. Stella passed a few hours of the car ride watching episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba that I downloaded before the trip. The Targus case wedged perfectly in between the driver and passenger seats to give her a prime viewing angle. (“…She’s pink and happy!”)

2. We included family when Stella took her first few bites of cake! I had to use my iPhone for FaceTime instead of the iPad because the hotel wi-fi connection wasn’t working well (and neither was tethering). Other than having a slightly smaller screen on our end, it worked out OK to swap the devices and record using the iPad. Stella was more interested in cake than her audience anyway, but the grandparents were happy to help celebrate another one of her “firsts.” (So were we!)