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Digital Magic

I created a digital baby book using snippets of media from Stella’s first year, most of which I captured with my iPhone 4. Collecting footage originated as an organic process because of its technological ease; simply because I *could* transition from swaddling to recording, I *did*. Including my long distance friends and family also required little effort, other than a few swipes of my finger, as opposed to a few hours at my computer to edit and publish footage. In mere moments, I could transport their eyes into mine, allow them to experience the way I saw the world (at least the portions I chose to share), and then safely return them back to their own homes, miles away from mine.

The presence of technology in my daughter’s life is never the main attraction, but rather a stepping stone—a silent partner—to discover, relive, and enrich hand-made joy. To me, the memories captured are as magical as the process itself.


Lady in Waiting

iPad box

Our iPad 2 hasn’t arrived yet. Neither has Stella’s 1st birthday. So she remains a lady baby in waiting. (Read our About.)

Photo: I purchased an iPad 2 for my parents last month—I even had my husband stand in line for it. We took it with us when we traveled across the country to visit them, but we left the box at our house. Now Stella likes to slide it along the floor as she crawls.

In the mean time, check out her first encounter with the iPad 2 at the airport using the PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit app.