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First Words

The other day while doing FaceTime, Grandma Ruder asked Stella if she was drinking JUICE. Stella got up, went into her room, and retrieved a pair of SHOES! Stella understands a lot of words—she can also touch her nose, ear, and belly on demand—but can still only articulate just a few verbally: uh-oh, mama, dada, Stella, and duttie (i.e. duckie). She can also sign a few words, too: more, all done, milk, and shoes!

As for the iPad, Stella seems to call it an “ah-poe” fairly consistently. When we’re playing without it, if I mimic counting like the lady in one of her iPad apps, she seems to recognize the pattern and starts looking around the room for the ah-poe. She has also learned to turn it on and unlock it all by herself.