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Learn. Grow. Repeat.

I’ve had a lot of traffic lately from other moms looking for app reviews, which is really fun for me! I love getting in touch with other parents this way! The excitement made me consider devoting more of my posts exclusively to app reviews. However, I realized that there are already other sites that do a really great job of this; plus, it would derail me from my original purpose, which focuses specifically on one child’s digital journey between 12-24 months.

Anyway, that sums up the reason why I continue to post videos for apps that we’ve already reviewed. If an app has the ability to grow with a child, I think that process deserves a showcase, too! It’s a testament to both the child and the app. Here are two apps that we’ve revisited or re-purposed lately:

Virtuoso Piano 2 HD
Stella loves to sing; her favorite song is “Twinkle Little Star.” I figured out how to play the song, so I decided to see if I could teach her the notes—or at least see how long she would retain interest during the lesson. It was fun! I think she understands that each of those keys produces a different sound, so with a little repetition, I think she’ll become more aware that there is an order in which to play [touch] them. It’s fun to see what she thought of this app just 7 months ago.

Tappie Colorit:
We reviewed this app a month ago. At that time, I noted that she couldn’t do a lot of the games in this app (or maybe just didn’t have any interest). Either way, she is becoming a lot more independent with many of the app’s tasks now. She rarely needs my help when putting the right shapes into the right silhouettes. This app has been a perfect partner for her as she refines her visual-spatial awareness.


Phony Phone Call

One of the best parts of my day is picking up Stella from daycare. Although she loves it there and rarely wants to leave, when I finally get her in the car, she is a happy talker. I usually give her a pretend phone after I buckler her up, and she talks on it all the way home. Her conversations start out by greeting grandma (Ohhhhhhigamma!”), and they almost always include the names “Holly” and “Ko-be” (Colby).

Yesterday I decided to record her “conversation” so that I could remember this imaginative endeavor forever. Note her pauses for when she’s “listening” to the other person on the line.

Outside of talking on the phone, Stella is very good at putting together words and speaking in small sentences—which most often come out like commands (“High five, daddy,” “No hair,” “More cheerios,” “I try it,”—but this lingering Babble Phase reminds me that she is still acquiring and refining so many language skills beyond vocabulary. She is relying on linguistic statistics that she picked up in early infancy or even inside of the womb. Who knew language development was such a nauseating and miraculous process?

Stellafied Words

My current list of favorite Stellafied words:

Pan-kay-cake = Pancake
Kai-haf-it = Can I have it?
[you fill in this blank]-corn = Popcorn
Hoed-jue = Hold you (hold me)
Bakies = Blankies
Wy-ka-wy-ka = Yo Gabba Gabba*
Galssecks = Glasses

*She still requests this show exclusively, despite our attempts to watch other ones. During the intro song, she’ll now sing the parts for Foofa and Tutie (aka “she’s pink and happy” and “she likes to have fun”). When the intro song is over, she yells, “WYKAAAAAA!” Every. Single. Time.