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Count to Ten – Take 2

We introduced Jude to Oscar’s 1-10 Balloons app. He learned to count to ten and read from left to right! Just kidding. He learned that learning can be frustrating. He did not want to play that one more than once, unlike his sister.

He did, however, enjoy showing off his eyeballs. He seriously can’t get enough of the Baby Play Face app. The app comes with different baby face characters; I wonder if he would still be into it if I picked an avatar that didn’t look so much like him. Hmmm…

Lastly, we introduced him to Sign Shine. This was one of Stella’s absolute favorites starting at 18 months. Jude was equally enthralled. I could tell he wanted to do so much more with his hands other than clap but just didn’t know how…YET! He already loves to sign baby basics (more, all done, eat, etc.), so it will be really fun to teach him some of these over the next few weeks. Sign Shine makes an easy case for using digital media together to enhance its educational value.


Itsy Bitsy Spider App Review

The Itsy Bitsy Spider app by Duck Duck Moose ($1.99) is perfect for Stella’s age (almost 15 months). The developer has lots of similar apps (Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald), but I chose this one for my own sake because it had the least annoying song. The story itself is fun (touch the spider to advance each verse of the song), but there are also lots of other supporting touch-spots for her to discover and remain engaged— so much so, that we’ll probably even use this app without the audio on the plane.

First Words

The other day while doing FaceTime, Grandma Ruder asked Stella if she was drinking JUICE. Stella got up, went into her room, and retrieved a pair of SHOES! Stella understands a lot of words—she can also touch her nose, ear, and belly on demand—but can still only articulate just a few verbally: uh-oh, mama, dada, Stella, and duttie (i.e. duckie). She can also sign a few words, too: more, all done, milk, and shoes!

As for the iPad, Stella seems to call it an “ah-poe” fairly consistently. When we’re playing without it, if I mimic counting like the lady in one of her iPad apps, she seems to recognize the pattern and starts looking around the room for the ah-poe. She has also learned to turn it on and unlock it all by herself.

Finger Tips

Tip #293: Clean your screen after every digital baby use.

Count to Ten

The Oscar’s 1-10 Balloons app ($.99) is a perfect introduction to the concepts of sequencing and numbers. It offers three modes: Learn, Follow, and Play. Stella thinks the Play mode is for the birds, but she’s very good at Learn and Follow.