A Year with the iPad 2

It has been ONE YEAR since I started this blog! I set out to document my daughter’s interactions with the iPad 2 from ages 12-24 months. Along the way, I casually reported on her emerging skills related to memory, problem-solving, fine-motor, and language. I have no scientific conclusion to report; we just had a lot of fun! It melts my heart to see the look of accomplishment on her sweet face when she masters a new task—sometimes it comes after pint-sized fits of frustration, but the hard is what makes it great. Am I right, Jimmy Dugan?

We discovered several well-made iPad apps that aided her skill development, and we also discovered a lot of duds. Aside from about $10 worth of regrettable purchases, I deem this journey a great success! We’ll continue to use the iPad 2 to discover new things beyond infancy and toddlerhood. Goodbye, Digital Baby.

Here’s to a great year with the iPad 2:


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  1. This Video is so awesome! My son, 16 months, is in love with the iPad and we have some of the same apps as your daughter. I’ve been following your blog. 🙂

  2. Hi Klisson, this blog is awesome. The baby video you have posted featured baby using green color Big Grips Frame. We are one of distributors in Asia for Big Grips. Do you happen to be a user of Big Grips?


  3. Lovely 🙂 My daughter is an Ipad baby too

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