Phony Phone Call

One of the best parts of my day is picking up Stella from daycare. Although she loves it there and rarely wants to leave, when I finally get her in the car, she is a happy talker. I usually give her a pretend phone after I buckler her up, and she talks on it all the way home. Her conversations start out by greeting grandma (Ohhhhhhigamma!”), and they almost always include the names “Holly” and “Ko-be” (Colby).

Yesterday I decided to record her “conversation” so that I could remember this imaginative endeavor forever. Note her pauses for when she’s “listening” to the other person on the line.

Outside of talking on the phone, Stella is very good at putting together words and speaking in small sentences—which most often come out like commands (“High five, daddy,” “No hair,” “More cheerios,” “I try it,”—but this lingering Babble Phase reminds me that she is still acquiring and refining so many language skills beyond vocabulary. She is relying on linguistic statistics that she picked up in early infancy or even inside of the womb. Who knew language development was such a nauseating and miraculous process?


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