SignShine – Take 2

I know I already reviewed the SignShine app last month, but since purchasing additional songs, it has become one of her favorites, and I have an update to share. In the last few days, her signs have evolved to express emotions by using her facial expressions with her hands. (Note her furrowed brow and pouty lips for the “wha-wha-wha” part of the “Wheels on the Bus” song.) So cool!


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  1. Dear Kristin,
    I am so humbled by you and your daughter’s story. Seeing Stella signing with SignShine’s app is just a dream come true! Before programming the app, I had the mental picture of a mom (yes… a mom, not a dad) and a baby enjoying learning these songs together… and you simply brought it to life. I am so delighted to see that. You are a very, very special mom. You show the world that electronics are not just used as a ‘babysitter’ but that it is miraculous to enjoy, learn and communicate together with your baby. I am so proud.
    With much gratitude,

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